Sunday, 10 July 2016

ASOS Swimwear

Next month I am heading to Croatia for 2 weeks of sun, so of course I started premature bikini shopping like a crazed woman about 4 months too early.. It's an obsession, I can't help it (and I don't think I really want to either!)

Anyway, as all bikini lovers will know, Asos stock some of the most beautiful pieces of swimwear ever and in every possible style you could imagine! Every day without fail I will browse the swimwear section in the hope of coming across a gem like this one..

Need I say more? Probably not!

I literally love everything about it, the colours are so bright and just perfect for summer. 
The only down side, which you've probably already guessed, is the tan lines you will get whilst wearing this beauty. That being said, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make

The style is so fun and stand-out, so if you're heading to the likes of Ibiza or Marbella this summer it would be peeeerfect! It also looks great with a kimono thrown over or with shorts for a more casual BBQ garden party vibe!
Where are you favourite places to shop for swimwear?

Bikini top here
Bikini bottoms here
Kimono here
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