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My Favourite Nudes // NYX & MAC Swatches and Review

It dawned on me the other day that I very rarely pick anything but nudes when it comes to choosing my lip colour - and there are still so many more nudes on my wishlist! I love every shade of nude whether its a cooler pink tone to warm brown tones, there is something for every occasion.
I think I always opt for a nude colour as it makes me feel put together but not OTT, I just don't have the confidence to try and pull off a lovely bright or dark colour on a daily basis.

Below I have swatched some of my favourite nudes from NYX and MAC

From top to bottom: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Abu Dhabi and Cannes followed by MAC's Honey Love, Yash, Faux and Spirit

The moment I first tried out the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams I literally fell in love. The formula is creamy, the shades I have tried apply without streaking and they don't dry out your lips like a lot of liquid to matte formula's can do. The longevity isn't too bad either, you do need to top up after eating and drinking but for a product of it's price line I think this isn't bad at all. Boots in Jersey recently installed a NYX counter so my collection of these will definitely be growing! 

As for MAC they really do have an amazing collection of nudes - to the point where it's actually quite difficult to pick which one to for when you're at the counter! I love these matte lipsticks, again they are quite creamy but I do find the formula is slightly different depending on what colour you go for, so some do dry out a little after a while. Again they need to be topped up after food or drink but this isn't something that really bothers me at all, I actually quite enjoy nipping to the bathroom and topping up my lipstick!

Another thing I love about nudes is that you can completely transform the colour by putting a different lip liner with them

The two NYX Lip Liners above are in Nude and Natural, they are retractable liners which I love because I'm forever loosing my sharpener, plus if you take it out in your handbag you don't need to worry about the pencil snapping leaving you with a blunt liner! Out of these two lip liners the 'Nude' shade has a pink undertone and the 'Natural' shade has a more brown undertone. The formula is creamy so they are really easy to apply - they actually feel more like a lipstick formula than your typical pencil formula and the colour pay off is really good

Below are my three go to MAC Lip Pencils in Oak, Spice and Boldly Bare, I find you can really pair these up with any of the MAC nude lipsticks and create a different look every time. 
Oak has a lovely cool brown tone and can be built up whereas Spice is a deep warm brown and is really pigmented so again you can adjust how you want it to look. Finally I have Boldly Bare, probably my favourite Lip Pencil of all time, I love the shade of this and actually wear it by itself a lot of the time! Boldly Bare has more of a pink undertone and it's so versatile, if I could recommend only one, it would be this one! (Swatches below!)

Top to bottom: NYX Lip Liner's in Nude and Natural followed by MAC Lip Pencil's in Oak, Spice and Boldly Bare

*Unfortunately the swatch of the NYX Natural Lip Liner won't show up true to colour - it looks quite ashy here but in reality it isn't!*

Another favourite nude combo of mine is MAC's Velvet teddy with the Whirl Lip Pencil but I didn't have them with me to photo at the time!

Next on my To Buy list is a selection of the Jouer Liquid Lipsticks, they have an amazing nude collection that I've been wanting to get my hands on! Has anyone tried these yet?

What are your favourite nude lip colour and combos?

(Wearing MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner all over the lip here!)

Shop the products

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi here
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes here

MAC Honey Love here
MAC Yash here
MAC Faux here
MAC Spirit - currently out of stock online

NYX Lip Pencil in Nude here
NYX Lip Pencil in Natural here
MAC Lip Pencil in Oak here
MAC Lip Pencil in Spice here
MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare here



  1. Have you tried blankety? That's my fave! But literally just got Yash in the post today thanks to your Instagram swatch the other day!

    1. Haha it's so funny you said that because Blankety is next on my list after seeing you wearing it!! XX

  2. So pretty 😍
    I must get myself some Nyx as I haven't even tried their lip range yet ! Great post X

    1. You should try them! They only cost around £5.50 as well such a bargain! XX

  3. I think I need to go shopping right now! I still haven't found a perfect nude and you really inspired me!
    Katerina xx

    1. Ah definitely have a look at NYX and MAC they both have a really good range of nudes to choose from! XX

  4. I have Abu Dhabi and I'm definitely impressed with NYX's lip creams and products!!!! Have you tried the lip lingeries too? X

    1. No not yet, they don't stock them here yet but I want to try them, hopefully we will get them here soon! XX

  5. Mac 'spirit' has definitely just been added to my wishlist. Gorgeous shades! Thanks for sharing x

    Kate |

    1. It's a must have! Thank you hun XX

  6. Your photos are gorge! Velvet Teddy is my favourite MAC nude, it'd really suit you! I'm just ashamed I have no MAC liners ����

    1. Thank you so much :) I love Velvet Teddy it's such a nice shade! There are some gorgeous MAC liners but not all of them apply very nicely so make sure you test them in store first! XX

  7. I love these shades so much girl! I am thinking of bying nyx liquid lipsticks but I feel like I'm gonna go for the nyx lip lingeries or the soft matte one. xx

    Sofia |

    1. I really want to try the Lip Lingeries but they don't stock them here yet! XX

  8. love this! you should try mac's subculture think its the perfect nude too!


    1. Yes! It looks like a really nice shade I'll have to give it a try! XX

  9. Spice and Cannes are two of my most worn nude matte lip products too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty



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