Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring/Summer Mini Haul

Spring/Summer is literally my favourite time of year, I always get ridiculously excited about it especially when it comes to buying new clothes and bikinis. I picked up a few bits recently and figured I'd throw them into a mini haul (please bare with my iPod camera quality..I'm too poor to buy a decent camera at the minute)

I absolutely love this blue floral print body from Missguided and how it can be dress up or down with either a midi/maxi skirt for a night out or pair of high waisted jeans/shorts for a more relaxed look. It will be perfect for the summer at festivals or on holiday 

 Next is this gorgeous shoulder bag from Mango, it's the perfect addition to give some colour to a plain outfit with the royal blue and silver hardware not to mention the fact that it was an absolute bargain! Mango is one of my all time favourite high street shops and we're lucky enough to have a tiiiiiiny Mango section here in Jersey... better than not having it at all though I suppose!

This gorgeous off the shoulder dress in also from Mango. I'm not usually a red wearing person but I just fell in love with this dress and again, such a bargain. I would warn you though, DON'T buy it through ASOS.. for some reason they're selling it for £35.99 when on the Mango website it is retailed at £19.99! Does anyone know why ASOS do this on some items? 

Finally from Mango is this gorgeous clutch and it was only £17.99 could I leave it behind? I'd never forgive myself! Welcome to my every growing bag collection little clutch

Last but certainly not least are these sandals by Faith from ASOS. They'd been sitting in my basket for a while so I decided to take the plunge. My friends will probably be overjoyed that I am finally throwing my gold sandals away that I have been wearing for the past 6 years (some of them have been on a me to do this for a few years now).. it will probably bring be to tears. On the plus side these beauties make me an extra 2 inches taller.. WINNING!


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  1. Spring/Summer is my favourite time of the year too! In spring you can wear lots of pretty pastels then in summer it's al about the bold and bright colours :)
    I love that red dress!
    Jess xx


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